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TPB Energy

Energy Saving and Smart eter

Types of Industry: Energy Industry
The Client: Taipower Company
The Designer: Huiyu Chang
The Project Aim: To reduce Taiwanese people power use to stop climate change
Time: 2020

  In 2020, Taiwan energy consumption had risen to a high peak. Power use has emitted a large amount of greenhouse gas, which leads to global warming. 

  To reduce Taiwanese energy consumptions, the government came up with several policies. First, they proposed the seasonal rate policy: The electricity bill charges more during the summer. Then, in 2014, the Power-solving Award System appeared: The residents won 0.6 NTD by reducing 1 Kilowatt-hr in power usage

A new policy: Smart Energy-saving Program release during 2015. The government intended to promote Smart Meters and collaborated with some local environmental groups to encourage citizens to decrease their energy use.


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The Research
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Hunt Statement

I am going to research Taiwanese individuals young tenants daily electricity utilization habits so that I can find a solution that helps them cut down unnecessary expenses on power use.

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Target Audience

The target user group were focused on individual Taiwanese tenants who were new graduate and needed help to reduce their energy, however, have less chance to benefit from the government reward.

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of tenants mentioned that the landlord charged the electricity consumption (NT& 5kW-h) higher than the government fixed price ( Summer season: Below 120kWh = NT$ 1.63, From 121-330 kW-h = NT$2.38; Non-summer season: Below 120kWh = NT$ 1.63, From 121-330 kW-h = NT$2.1)


of tenants replied unaware or non-interested in Smart Energy Saving Program and Smart Meter. They do not think the policy would benefit them.


of people are cash-conscious energy savers. They cared about their power consumptions based on their energy bills. Therefore, they think rent payment bothers them more than energy expenditure.


of interviewees complained they have no choice for most electrical appliances. Hence they feel pessimistic about energy saving.


of the interview, participants wished the electricity bill should show electricity appliances energy use separately.

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Insights and Opportunities (HMW)

# 01.1 Quality of Life over Energy preserving

Most tenants refused to scarify their quality of life by cutting down energy consumption. As a result, they did not build a habit of saving energy. 

# 01.2 Deposite money over Energy Saving

Instead of focusing on a single item ( Energy cost), the tenants pay more attention to their monthly expenses. 

Compared to energy saving, saving money is vital

# 02 Government Policy leave tenants out of the application list

The tenants were interested in the government reward. However, high entry barriers and complex application procedures kept them away.

# 03 Complicated energy price calculations

The tenants had trouble understanding the relationship between energy use calculation and energy cost. The current energy bill confused them. 

HMW create an app for individual tenants to help them save money and energy at the same time.

HMW develop an app for the individual tenant to encourage them to build a habit of saving energy.

HMW develops an app to collaborate with environmental 
organizations for individual tenants to encourage them to save energy.

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