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TPB Energy

Energy Saving and Smart Meter

Types of Industry: Energy Industry
The Client: Taipower Company
The Designer: Huiyu Chang
The Project Aim: To reduce Taiwanese people power use to stop climate change
Time: 2020

  In 2020, Taiwan energy consumption had risen to a high peak. Power use has emitted a large amount of greenhouse gas, which leads to global warming. 

  To reduce Taiwanese energy consumptions, the government came up with several policies. First, they proposed the seasonal rate policy: The electricity bill charges more during the summer. Then, in 2014, the Power-solving Award System appeared: The residents won 0.6 NTD by reducing 1 Kilowatt-hr in power usage

A new policy: Smart Energy-saving Program release during 2015. The government intended to promote Smart Meters and collaborated with some local environmental groups to encourage citizens to decrease their energy use.


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 TPB Energy provide power usage data through smart meters to users who are struggling to manage their energy consumption. The reward system encourage the users to make a habit of saving energy efficiently.

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The Concept

I am going to use Feedback and Gamification to design an App for individual Taiwanese tenants who are new graduates to encourage them with rewards so that they can reduce energy consumption with their preferences.

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Input Smart Meter

Smart Meter is the essential operation in Smart grid foundation. It allows people to control their energy management system remotely. As a result, Smart Meter has been widely used globally. It is expected that the installation will exceed 400 million by 2020. (Start-Up Creation, 2016)

Energy Forcast

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  • Current moment energy consumption

  • Compare previous energy use


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  • Individual appliances energy consumption

  • Home appliance overuse announcement

Peer Comparison

TPB Energy-10.png
  • Compare similar house type energy consumption

  • Provide same area average energy usage

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Pain Points

  • Not eligible to apply for the government reward

  • No suitable energy saving tips

  • No rights to select large household appliances in the renting house

Experience Goals

  • She wants a method to enjoy energy saving process

  • She needs a simple, direct plan for energy preserving

Ni-Yan Hsieh, 28


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Experience Prototype

Actions: The users pretended to be new and existing users and interacted with the lo-fi prototype.
Purpose: To test whether the solution is understandable and exam whether the design meets user requirements.
Results: The users could understand the journey, mainly optimistic about the money-saving function. But sometimes felt a bit stressful tracking the energy use continuously.

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