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Say Goodbye to 3.0
The Comming of 4.0 Era

Types of Industry: Education Industry
The Location: Feng Chia University, Taiwan, Taichung
The Designer: Hui-Yu Chang (Research, observation, design concept and model making), Yu-Huei Yang
The Project Aim: To solve the space issue and create extra public space for students, teachers and the locals. 
Time: 2016-2019

Deconstruction + Restructuring + Connection

  During my bachelor in Feng Chia University, I participated in a school renovation project. Due to the insufficient space for 
gradually growing numbers of students and limited budget on building new campus buildings, our innovation team suggested that we could tear down the campus wall to expand the campus space visually. 

  In addition to breaking off the boundaries between school and business area, we also proposed that students could cooperate with the local business and apply what they learned in practical situations.

  Moreover, to solve the limited classroom issue, we also came up with the idea of "location free learning". With the help of the internet since the internet connection was stable enough to realize this new way of learning.

What is 3.0 education?
In old days, people learned through books. Most of the time they stay in the classroom 
without practical learning.

What is 4.0 education?
4.0 education is the new method to connect and consolidate our knowledge in place of new techniques. Students don't need to come to class, instead, they can learn through the internet.

From3.0 to 4.0

According to our observation, students did not have much space in the recreation building so they had to find another place to do whatever they want.

Event and Object

The events and objects keep influencing the way people learn around Feng Chia University.

  • Event =Activities = Extracurricular = Virtual Space = Plaza + Vendor

  • Object =Stable Buildings = Furniture = Real Space= Architecture


In 4.0 education, the definition of original spaces is challenged. Many possibilities pop up:

  • What if the board moving around the campus...

  • What if the stage is movable...

  • What if every corner becomes a classroom...

  • What about turning the wall into a different material, or maybe the wall has multi-used...

  • What if the space is not only a laboratory but also a coffee shop...

  • What if all the students can take their class in nature...

  • What if our school become a factory...

  • What if the students become a merchant...

Moving In and Out: The mobile stairs

 Nowadays, people challenge convention. It is the practice of going against and fighting the common assumptions that our organizations had been built on. The mobile stairs are the new ideas that can be selected from the buildings and become units. This invention might be a way to break the traditional classroom, where different generations can interact together.

An Invisible Thread :  Connection

New definitions appeared through 
restructuring process. The blocks are the connection between recreation building and language building. It is an art gallery, which is a combination of learning and creating.

Muti-storey Bicycle Parking

We often heard that “The magnificent views come from the rooftop. What about the wall? 
Feng Chia University locates next to the crowded night market, the parking issue needs to be solved. Perhaps the wall could be a piece of art or a parking lot. We tried to design an interaction device that can interact with students.

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