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Provide the Best Medical Service
Before Patient's Diagnosis

Types of Industry: Healthcare Industry
The Client: National Health Service (NHS)
The Designer: Huiyu Chang 
The Project Aim: To explore an “in-between” service improving patients medical experience.
Time: 2021

  From the 2019 British Social Attitudes survey, 57% of UK 
residents responded negatively to GP and hospital appointment waiting times. Since 2016, NHS failed to meet the 18-week referral-to-treatment standard for planned care. As a result, over 1500 people remained for the Appointment for more than a year, and the patients experienced frustration.


  However, the current NHS system faces staffing shortages and pressure in funding. For these reasons, there are 
difficulties to shorten the waiting time. Hence, this project aimed to discover an excellent in-between service that could improve the patient experience while waiting for the diagnosis.


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The Reason
Professional Advice
To collect thoughts from the medical staff perspective, a meeting with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) staff, and avoid invalid design outcomes.
  • The NHS system is unique and complex.
  • Although NHS attempted to involve Technology, only 86% of UK residents could access the internet.
  • The severity of illness measurement exist. However, it is better not to publicity because it might cause patients panic.
  • The symptom check does not prevent people from visiting the general practice.
Further Research
To discover the constrain that the current NHS faces and set boundaries for the design outcomes.
  • The workforce crisis is a significant obstacle: Medical staff work more hours, and patients wait longer.
  • Pressure in findings: Compared to other EU countries, the UK spend a lower proportion on the medical system.
  • The emerging of new technologies make digitally excluded people experience hardship.
The Refinement

Revising Insights


Revising Target Groups

The new target user groups focused on British residents over 18s who require technical support (Persona1) and a great understanding of the Technology (Persona2).

# Theme03: Improving communication

The patient expects NHS staff well-communicate and 
provides meaningful service.

# Theme04.1: Taking control of medical 

Most UK patients hope the medical procedure could process in their way and have more understanding about their doctor.

# Theme04.2: Adding additional support

Minority groups and international users hope the NHS system should be simplified. They expect additional 
support while using it.

UX Vision Statement

There is an opportunity for a product or service for UK residents aged over 18s
who want to be aware of their medical procedure and have a formal communication channel
but they find current medical service is complicated and uncontrollable, making them feel anxious and lack confidence

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