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Nature for Nature

Bridge Young People with Nature

Types of Industry: Education Industry
The Client: Hubbub
The Designer: Huiyu Chang 
The Project Aim: To find a way to inspire young adults to engage with nature regularly
Time: 2020-2021

  With the rapid development of new technology, the young generation's living area has primarily moved indoors. Nowadays, individuals spend most of their time on social media without exploring their surrounding natural world. 


  The disconnection to green space leads to diminished senses, attention difficulties, and higher physical and emotional illness rates. Additionally, people fail to understand the importance of our life and lose interest to protect the environment. Therefore, the priority is to discover a solution to encourage young adults aged 18-25 to reconnect with nature.


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Hunt Statement

The research aims to understand the patient's attitude and thought of waiting for a long time while using NHS and find a solution that could improve the patient experience

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Target Audience

The participants focus on patients over 18s who have previous experience (both positive and negative) waiting for formal medical diagnosis with NHS and discovered their journey, attitude, pain points and needs.

The Research
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students from interviews claimed that they need the motivation to connect with green.


interview students complained that heavy workloads and urban air pollution prevented them from walking in nature
Students expected different methods to touch nature.


students did the diary study showed better performance in the reaction test. In addition, they admitted to raising awareness in nature protection.
Reaction Game Results (Average)(milliseconds)
Before planting: 270 ms
After planting: 245 ms
Average: 273


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# 01 Motivation for Nature
  • There are not enough attractions for students to be in nature because the technologies fulfilled all their needs. Therefore, they need a definite purpose to bring them into the natural world.

  • Friends showed a significant impact on young adults "Engaged Nature" action.

# 02 Different Methods to Touch Nature
  • Urbanization caused pollution and decreased the green land in the area. 

  • The students' busy schedules sometimes stop them from walking in nature.

  • Pandemic cut don people's chance to engage with green

Some choose another way to connect with nature: Houseplants become new ways to be in nature.

# 03 Benefit from Nature

Students showed a better performance after connecting with the green space. Moreover, they think being in nature lowers the stress level and improve their concentration.

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