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Nature for Nature

Bridge Young People with Nature

Types of Industry: Education Industry
The Client: Hubbub
The Designer: Huiyu Chang 
The Project Aim: To find a way to inspire young adults to engage with nature regularly
Time: 2020-2021

  With the rapid development of new technology, the young generation's living area has primarily moved indoors. Nowadays, individuals spend most of their time on social media without exploring their surrounding natural world. 


  The disconnection to green space leads to diminished senses, attention difficulties, and higher physical and emotional illness rates. Additionally, people fail to understand the importance of our life and lose interest to protect the environment. Therefore, the priority is to discover a solution to encourage young adults aged 18-25 to reconnect with nature.


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“For Nature” includes “Donate & Adopt” and “Exchange for goods” to provide opportunities for Loughborough University students who disconnect with the natural world for different reasons to attach with green by planting houseplants. 
Each day, the students must complete the caring process (remind by apps) to win a reward. In 
addition, the points could be used to take LBU society courses that encourage students to stay interested in green experiences. 

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The Opportunity

During the pandemic, house plants changed the way humans connected with nature. From Renee article, adults who work in spaces incorporating nature into their design are more productive, healthy and creative.

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Collaborate and Collect

  LBU Student Union collaborates with “For Nature” and holds plant adoption activities for Loughborough University students.

  The plants are from graduation student’s donations who are not able to take care of their indoor plant anymore.

Nature for Nature-27.png
Adoption and Donation

  LBU students could download the app and make a reservation for their collection. To avoid students’ irresponsible, each student could take a maximum of 5 plants.

  Once, students no longer want the plant, they could donate to Student Union to allow other students to adopt it.

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  Every plant has a QR code that students can scan to understand the needs. At the same time, the app will save the plant information.


  Users can set up watering and fertilizing reminders. 

Know the Plant
Taking Care

  The app notifies students for watering and fertilizing based on the student’s setting. Every time the user completes the task, he/she will win 0.1 points.


  When the plant is sick, students can search or share problems through the app. Other users will answer the question if they have met the same situation before.

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Nature for Nature-28.png

  When the points accumulate to a certain amount, the user can use the rewards to attend LBU society courses or activities that relate to Nature.

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