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Lucky Encounters

The National Lottery

Types of Industry: Entertainment Industry
The Client: Camelot and The National Lottery
The Designer: Joshua Fowler, Laura Humpfer, Lasya Borra, Yiming Wang, Zidi He, Huiyu Chang (Research, Summarized research data, Generated ideas, Writing presentation report)
The Project Aim: To bring The National Lottery back into people’s conscience through the connected device (IoT = Internet of Things).
Time: 2021

  IoT (Internet of Things) is taking an increasingly important 
position in today's world. It enables a wide variety of data to be shared across multiple devices. As a result, there are many 
opportunities for new use cases.


  To make the National Lottery in the UK more attractive and 
engaging for new and existing players, the benefits of IoT's are expected to be utilized in the future. The target audience for the project is 24-40 years old, as this age group uses Technology frequently. The goal is to acquire new lottery players and improve the user experience for existing players. The aim is to achieve repeat play of lottery games in the long term.

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About Lucky Encounter

"Lucky Encounters" is an in-app feature that aims to enrich instant-win games for young tech-savvy players, who want more interactivity in the games they play and a greater chance to win by connecting them with other players in proximity, using location data and enabling a collaborative experience that allows them to earn additional incentives for playing.

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Time Encounters

Time Encounters are spontaneous events triggered by players in proximity to each other in specific locations like hotels, cafes, and pubs. They are temporary and virtual, but they will last for multiple hours, allowing other players to join in once established. How much players can spend in each event is capped to allow fair competition.

Point System

Point System was used based on a "luck" metric, with more points awarded to players who win more money. Points are fixed and dependent on the position and number of players participating in an event.

League Rankings

Leagues are split into divisions; progressing requires players to reach a monthly threshold. A higher division need fewer games to qualify for the incentives but remaining in a higher division requires continued engagement

Lucky Encounter

Test your luck against other players with instant win games.

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