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Be Active, Be Productive

Ford Mobility Challenge

Types of Industry: Healthcare Industry
The Client: Ford Challenge
The Designer: Sophie Bird, Ticha Hongsongkiat, Yongnan Hu, Huiyu Chang ( Research, Idea Generation, Sketching graph, Prototyping) research data, Generated ideas, Writing presentation report)
The Project Aim: To deal with a mobility issue by encouraging the remote worker to move during work physically.
Time: 2021

 COVID-19 has speeded the use of Technology: In 2020, Bouziri H. et al. found that working from home becomes a new normal during the pandemic. However, the advancing Technology led to reduced movement. As a result, inactive lifestyles could cause health issues in the future.

The Problem
#01 Home-Work Balance

The remote workers replied with the difficulties of setting work-life boundaries. There were some overlaps between work and personal life. Additionally, they distract more easily while working from home, increasing their working time.

#02 Repetitive Posture Over Long Periods

The home workers remained in the same posture all-day unconsciously (e.g. slouch over the table, eye focus), leading to health issues.

#03 Tailoring to Individual Routines

The working style varied from person to person.

The Solution
Lucky Encounter-09.png

The Concept

The solution is an app that prompts users to be active when the working process is less 
effective by integrating house chores into their activity to engage in physical activities and 
complete desired goals for a day.


The Feature

Mobile Phone for Settings

Before the day started, the users could input their daily tasks and goals on mobile phone apps. Once the challenges are complete, they could unlock the new exercise.

Computer Pop-up Window

The computer detects the user activity (from keyboard and mouse). If the users stop using them for 5 mins, the pop-up screen will show.

Apple Watch Activity Guide

The user connects to the Apple watch after clicking “Yes” on the computer. Then, they choose to do a 5mins or 15mins activity.

  • 5mins activity: short exercise shown on the computer screen

  • 15mins activity: exercise mix with house chore, the user could finish must do things and exercise at the same time

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